Abnormal pap... except HPV, consequently what?

My girlfriend just had an peculiar pap smear come back from her doctors. We were both virgins when we met - no rubbing, no "play down there" of any helpful for either of us. So, HPV is a non-concern.

What else can cause an atypical pap besides HPV? She's had a history of yeast infections... could that be a culprit?

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You can just own bacteria in nearby and need antibiotics.

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Abnormal Pap smear results are often explained by an infection or an inflammation. Yeast infections, herpes, trichomonas, recent sexual diversion, or use of vaginal preparations, are often things which cause an unusual Pap smear result.
Many times the culprit is HPV or human papilloma virus, sometimes referred to as genital warts. HPV is a common infection contained by women and has been detected surrounded by women in their seventies; up to 60% of sexually- active women may transport this virus on their cervix, genital area, or skin and are completely unaware of it.

adjectives it means is that there be some abnormal cells. she freshly has to get another one soon to formulate sure it isnt precancerous or anything like that.

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Yeast infections (or treatments for yeast infections), other vaginal infections, endometriosis, if she uses an IUD... if you guys had have sex within 48 hours before the pap, that can do it to. Or it could be newly one incorrect result. Pap smears are very sensitive but not all that specific... it's better to kind a bunch of cancer-free women do repeat paps then to miss cancers, so the technicians who read the results err on the side of guardedness.

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There are many reasons for an irregular pap.
It could be from a yeast infection.
My friend had an abnormal pap and it turned out that she a moment ago had a cyst.
Probably nothing to verbs about, just form sure she goes in for a follow up pap to rule out anything in truth being wrong.

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It could just be a yeast infection or inflammation. I own had paps come back out of the ordinary, showing inflammation and gone back for a repeat pap and everything was fine. This could be the defence with your girlfriend. Good luck!

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it could be something as simple as bacteria present. It's not too much of a concern, and can be fixed beside antibiotics.


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