A examine almost PMS and food?

Does anyone else have a complusive insatiable desire to eat the daylight before their period arrives? Am I the singular one? It's driving me nuts! It's this horrible hunger that drives me to eat way more than I would on any other given light of day.

Temporarily deaf after orgasm?

I lose my appetite just before I start, seriously I don't discern like eating anything even when I'm hungry and my stomach is making noise! But a few days into it I eat and eat!! When it's finished I progress back to normal. PMS is crazy!!

Boobs relief me?

Excercises that work for love handle? A bit of bathing suit trouble.?
Hey what does this aim?
How fruitless is 2 Girls 1 Cup?
  • Do u cogitate its bleak for someone to be precise 14 to wieght 207 pounds?
  • Razor burn?? PLEASE HELP!!

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