Anyone else enjoy PCOS or know the symptoms of it?

I am very afraid my daughter might enjoy it. She is 16, no period, and I am not really sure of the symptoms, so could someone please oblige? I'd like to know the symptoms, and if it is possible my daughter might own it? If you need auxiliary info, please keep your email unblocked and I will distribute you the info. Thanks a lot!

Answers:    I own PCOS. The symptoms are not getting your period, bleak skin, having a intricate time controlling your weight, sometimes you may carry facial hair also.

It is an inbalance of hormones that produce these effects, and although you can not cure the disease, you can treat the symptoms, usually beside birth control pills.

You shoudl bring your daughter to an obgyn, especially is she if not getting her time. They usually do blood tests and an ultra nouns to determine if she does have PCOS.

Good luck!
I own PCOS. It is very bumpy. The pain is surrounded by the ovaries. I do have period, just not every month they may come every other month or every 2 to 3 months. Feel free to email me if you hold any other questions.

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