I enjoy a VERY low sex drive!?

Is this normal for some inhabitants? I am attracted to my husband, but for some reason I never surface like have sex. I feel desperate for my husband. What can I do about it? I talk to my Dr. and she says try something unusual but I think its more after that.

Answers:    Are you on any medications? Such as antidepressants? My husband is on Prozac and it clearly put a huge ding in his sex drive! If you're on meds, see if you can try a different one or give one. Sometimes adding a drastically low dose of a second antidepressant helps relieve sexual problems.

Or maybe you are depressed and need treatment for your depression! I know when I be suffering from depression I NEVER wanted to own sex.
Poor you! Try O R A L sex , It may help you .
Well, i penny-pinching, some people lately don't like sex. bottom row.
if you WANT to have sex but only just can't become aroused , then i would stir see the doctor.

Possibly something in your departed that has come rear, that is making you discomfited with sex or intimacy..?

Do you enjoy a healthy diet? Do you excerise? Smoke? Drink?
All of these contribute to sex drive.

Being attracted to someone physically doesn't kind you want to have sex next to them. Try something where you are more emotionally unavailable, maybe that heated bond will turn you on enough mentally to become aroused physically.

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