Does taking the contraceptive pill affect your sex drive (negatively)?

Answers:    Yes it can do. i was taking the mini pill and i only just didnt feel i needed sex at all. Before taking it i have a high sex drive. Taking that pill made me really not want to hold sex. I even didnt want to use tampons (very extreme i know). Anyway i told my doctor and changed brand its alot better now. ask to coppers if its a big problem.
It can. It affects each individual differently. Yes it did near me and i also put weight on, i spoke to my doctor who changed my prescription and own had no problems since.
it did at first but later doctor changed pill cos of mood swings,and since then not a soul can stop me ! well it hasnt artificial me but i havent been on it that long buut hopefully not!
Yes, it can lower your sex drive and grounds depression. Yes it can with abundantly of women.
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What is your answer? Question I took my 1st birth control pill but then realize that I can't start it yet, am i gonna miss my interval now?
i took it going on for a week ago, just one...whats gonna arise?
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Check Spelling I took my 1st birth control pill but consequently realized that I can't start it all the same, am i gonna miss my period very soon?
i took it about a week ago, lately one...whats gonna happen?
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