Do some women hold a physical sex drive as strong as men?

Those that do: are they rare, or more adjectives than I am led to believe...? For example, basically because you (I assume women will answer this question) and your girlfriends have the stronger drive, doesn't expect that it is common. I suppose anecdotal evidence does count for something, though.

I am told that for most women, the emotional/romantic aspects must come first, if this is content then sex will come along next to it. To me, this suggests that the actual physical sex drive for most women must be substantially lower than men.

I am sure that some women have a "drive" that might be comparable to men, but so far everything I've read on the subject indicates that such women are contained by the minority.

So then: For most women, sex is merely a complementary hustle and bustle to the primary emotional/romantic relationship? Is this assertion the unfortunate truth I suspect it is?

Answers:    Women inevitability physical sex just as much as men, theirs be no evidence to prove otherwise..
it is just as intense for some women, as it is for men. Sure, nymphomaniacs do regardless of any uncontrolled or romantic aspects, all they want to do is hold sex. They have an insatiable desire for sex.
Well I'm a bit of a nympho so I'd hold to say that my sexual urges own always be stronger than any man I've been beside! we are all alike..except some are masculine and some female.. ..some resembling it more..some like it smaller number..some want romance all the time..some don't support about romance..some in recent times do it for the thrill..some only do it for in recent times depends on the person..and yes..I do believe nearby are many women who want it as much as men.. and only as often, too..and in attendance is absolutely zilch wrong with that..and no, you can't produce that last statement roughly speaking women anymore than you can about applies to both.
Um...Well I too influence dat I'm a nympho, so I'd have to say-so that my sexual urges have other been stronger than any man I'd even see. the woman that i had experance beside was by far strongerthan me
It's roughly speaking hormones and women feeling comfortable contained by her body and knowing what turns her on and how to have an orgasm. Some women enjoy high sex drives.. I do counseling on another board and lots of women complain they want sex more than their guy. SOME do, but it's not what's pure. These exceptions have knowledgeable to feel a man's intense ambience just as some bear are trained to dance.

Also, several women FAKE these feelngs, for whatever reason.

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