I necessitate to jump to the doctor and gain checked for PCOS but I'm undeniably scared out of your wits!!?

I am terrified of the doctor singular when it's for me though, I can go to the doctor fine if it's for my sister or mom or something. even surrounded by the waiting room my heart starts pounding I have even passed out back. It started when I was little I have bad experiences whith doctors. Now I hold most of the symptoms for pcos but I have a concern of going exspecially for something like that. I DO NOT want a pelvis exammination not solitary that I have not have a cycle for at least a year, I'm 17, so that finances their going to to a intravaginal ultra sound? I know I should step in for this but I don't want anything more than a blood question paper. What did they do to you when you went contained by for this?

Answers:    never heard of it..a vaginal exam is in recent times when they use an instrument called the speculum to enlarge your vagina walls so the doctor can examine you..it doesn't hurt, it is just self-conscious..if you haven't had a extent for over a year..did you have one up to that time.? sometimes the body regulation gets upset..enjoy you lost a lot of counterbalance this year? the doctor will not hurt you I am sorry about adjectives your bad times when you be young..You a moment ago need to find strong and go bring back it done..when it is over , you will be Glad you did it..
I have be tested for this, and i got an internal ultrasound - it doesnt hurt or anything at adjectives. Seriously, you have to be in motion and get this checked out - you could become infertile or other hurtful things that go along next to having PCOS. I dont really appreciate - your okay to go to the doctor to obtain a blood test but not the ultrasound? As i said, it doesnt hurt - yeah as you would expect i wouldnt go and find one for fun, but you have to do what you own to do for your health what are you calling PCOS? I am used to this residence meaning Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, and if so an ultrasound is common, painless but a might embarrassing. And will later help you know what you are dealing beside.
Do you have any of the other classical signs for PCOS, hirsuitism, acne, frontal mane loss, skin tags or acanthosis nigrans (a velvet-like skin patch normally found in the groin, d¨Ścolletage, and under the breasts and arms? If you hold one or more of these then it is probable that you have PCOS.

Having be diagnosed then what are your option? Well the doctor will examine you and then probably refer you on to a specialist - he may suggest the pill to regulate your hormones. Basically make available you something that will stop your hormone cycle anyway. Not sure how that will work but it does get you out of their mane for now. Then you budge back again and he will examine you again and next refer you to a specialist who will also want to examine you.

Sorry but it looks as if this is something that you will have to bring back used to as there is no blood trial that will say. However, you may be capable of pursued them that they can also see the ovary from an external scan - it is a little harder and may not be as clear but it is possible.

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