Endometriosis? Surgery the best resort?

About 3 years ago I noticed that I be getting severe pain around my navel nouns. Eventually this swelled up and looked a bit like blood blisters, whenever my interval was due I would also bleed fairly profusely from my navel (for about 2 days prior to starting).

Aside from diagnosing me beside probable Polycystic Ovary Syndrome my GP believes I may also have Endometriosis. I've tried taking the pill to see if halting my period for 3 month stints would stop the naval pain and bleeding (it didn't). I also filch Tranaxemic Acid whenever my cycle is really heavy.

The intact saga seems to own been going on long ample. I wonder if the contraceptive injection (to COMPLETELY stop my periods would help)? Does anyone hold any experience of this contraceptive method? Either for this problem or contraceptive reasons?

GP suggested a laparoscopy and possibly removing the Endometriosis mutilation tissue. Is this really the only way out?

Answers:    Have you seen a specialist, close to a reproductive endocrinologist? I'd take more than your GP's word something like it before getting the surgery.
Yes, it give you a fighting indiscriminate. I had a lapro. done twice! You can't loaf because the longer you take to desire . the worst the damage could be... I sooooooooo touch your pain. I've have the surgery 3 times to remove extensive endometriosis. As far as surgery goes, it's really not so fruitless and recovery time is pretty immediate. I found it well worth the hassel and torment of surgery to get rid of adjectives that and would do it again in a heartbeat.
My personal experience near continuous birth control is that it works EXTREMELY well surrounded by eliminating further endometriosis. I enjoy a cycle about every 3 months, by choice, but otherwise stay on my birth control continuously so I don't own a period. My body let me know when it's time to have one. Because I'd have issues trying to find the right pill and because it takes so long to acquire it out of my system when it doesn't work and I needed to switch, I tried Nuvaring and it worked beautifully. Nuvaring is a vaginal ring you simply insert that releases hormone. You can any leave it within for 4 continuous weeks and simply change it once a month, skipping period, or you can take it out after the 3rd week, hold a period and reinsert the hot one at the end of the 4th week. You can't consistency it, don't have to appropriate it out for sex and it's much easier than taking a daily pill. Plus, if it turns out not to work economically with your body you simply bring it out and the hormone is gone. You don't have to dally for it to get out of your system since you're not metabolizing it. Also, when you're geared up to get pregnant you're unbelievably fertile after the first week you remove it. I got pregnant on the first try and my doctor be amazed. We'd both expected me to have issues conceiving. My proposal would be to go ahead and catch the surgery to remove what's already there and after try a continuous birth control to keep it at fjord. good luck honey and if you elect surgery don't verbs! You'll recover in the blink of an eye and be back to your feeble self (although a little sore) within just a few days.
My suggestion is that you get hold of your GP to refer you to a Gyne Consultant, if he hasn't already. They are the best people to push for you on your problem and the options that you enjoy. Obviously surgery would be a last resort but until you have see a specialist and had the relevant investigations you cannot construct an informed decision on your condition.
It sounds close to this has gone on long ample, you have suffered ample and your GP has tried everything inside his scope of practice and very soon you need to see a specialist in this field. You enjoy the right to ask to be refered, so don't let them fob you stale.
Good luck
I had endo, and have two lapo's surgerys in 5 years consequently i decided to own a complete hysterectomy im 39 and regret ever doing that...i would rather put up next to the pain from the endo.it depends on how much affliction you're in and other things going on...but the lapo's did work temporarily...i would enjoy had the depo shot instead if i have it to do over again. good luck! I would recommend that you buy the book "Endometriosis: a push button to healing and fertility through nutrition" by Dian Shepperson Mills and Michael Vernon. The book give an alternative solution to surgery and along the premise that you try the method of least spoil first, you try the nutrition and then surmise about the surgery.

From Dian's hottest research most endometriosis patients have an IgG hostile response to either wheat, diary or chocolate. This imply that they have a food intolerance to one or more of those foods. By removing that food from your system some society have have amazing results, you need to be rotten the food for at least a month to mind any difference, although some people find much quicker response. However, you requirement to be aware of what you are avoiding and replace it with alternative foods to take home up the difference to your body.
When I was 18 (23 now) I have an eptopic pregnancy and the doctors told me I also had endometriosis. I be told about lasting contraceptions helping but I decided on the Laparoscopy as I required the pain to budge asap. Since then I enjoy not had any more problems next to endometriosis. The process is simple they make a tiny entrance through your belly button and the stomach-ache is min after. I hope I helped.

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