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MY mom just have surgery on her nose.. and she loses blood alot, (doctor said it would begin for a couple days) what can she do to help for blood loss? chomp through or drink what?) hurry please.. thanks

Answers:    ok im no biologist but i do know that platelets are what help out clot blood so the more platelets thus, the better for clotting blood. Heres some info i found, hope it helps ::

A low platelet count can usually be remedied by doubling the customary dosage of folic tart, from 400 mcg to 800.

Folic acid can be obtain from a variety of foods such as green leafy vegetables. Some foods beside the highest sources (greater than 75 mcg per serving) are: ginger juice, asparagas, beans, lentils, spinach and nutritional yeast. Good sources of folic acerbic are avocados, corn, cabbage, lettuce, liver, peanuts, peas, sesame seeds and tomato liquid.
shes getting nose bleeds ? plainly go support to the hospital or ER... besides putting pressure on it, theres not much else you can do. Red meat and jello.
have her phone call the dr. I know any food fortified with iron should backing her. or she can talk to a nutritionist Keep hydrated. But don't be afraid to bug the doc, blood loss shouldn't be excessive.
If the doctor said that it'd come about for a couple of days then don't verbs, let it be. It'd stop eventually. foods next to high iron content - chicken or fish for example... avoid things that prevent iron incorporation like dairy, tea, coffee. She can enjoy the items that prevent absorption in recent times wait a couple hours after the large iron meal until that time consuming them so the iron can be absorbed...
May hold to go near what the doc said.or else you can stick something approaching a cotton ball to hold the blood surrounded by..if the blood hardens it will clog up the ooze. ..but seriously that is lately my guess and it may be dangerous. I am no doctor. transmit her to eat iron rich foods. Broccoli, red meat...ect. If her iron level aren't good next she faces some problems. it help blood circulation. Tell her just to use a cold compress for swelling and inform her to not mess with it. stand the lowest possible possible because pressure will make it bleed more.
it depends on how much blood your mother loses? if bleeding didnt stop after have to bach to doctor , but if it bleeding sometimes and sometmes not next dont have to wory, she call for to rest , and drinks with vitamin C, this will not serve the The invincibility to avoid any infections . she can eat liver it help put iron back contained by your system which you lose when you lose blood.
I don't think food or drink have any effect on bleeding, but its' good to know what to do to lessen it when it starts.
Patient should turn director as if looking at the ceiling & gently pinch nostrils closed. If someone else is present, they should lay a cold cloth over the nouns. Keep the head rear legs & nostrils closed. This lessens the bleeding time. Also avoid wash your face near very melt or hot water. update her 2 drink fluids like ginger juice or apple liquid and eat fruits resembling bananas or somethin. healthy foods will support. treat it with rime a little. is it a snout bleed or just some specific division of her nose she have surgery on ? if its #1, than dont tilt head subsidise because the blood will get back up into the throat and u dont want that 2 happen.

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