No bleeding on Birth Control.Unusual for me.?

I have be on Fencom FE for about 4 months immediately. Normally I am real breakneck to start on my off week, usually by 2 on the first afternoon I do not take. I am almost through my rotten week with still no bleeding. HPT say not pregnant as of 3 days ago as I did take one as a precaution because I did miss a couple of my pills, and doubled up the subsequent day (doctors Orders). When I miss a pill I other start same day.

I am married, and I suck at remembering the pill, but it is the one and only kind of birth control I am allowed to run, so no preaching please.

Anyone have a similar experience? and what be the results? Should I wait longer and tryout again, or count it as a missed period?

Answers:    Wait and testing again.

Missing any pills puts you at risk for pregnancy.

Good luck!

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