Pregnancy Question! I'm Desperate!?

on september 8th, 2007 (saturday) i used my hand on my fiance. i wait for a little bit, scartched his hindmost, then used my fingers on myself. i'm on birth control, but i missed a pill the sunday in the past. i took it as soon as i remembered..there be no sperm on my hands at adjectives. we had no sex. i've have all my period since then. my 1st term was sometime late, but come. i was below a lot of stress. my other 2 come on time. i asked my doctor what he would reckon, and he said no, he doesn't think it's possible. do you presume i could get pregnant from using my paw like that, even though near was no sperm? today feb 13, i'm sick & i've layed on the couch adjectives day. today is supposed to be my extent & i thought it came but it be light brown & gooey. but i've also be laying down adjectives day. assist?!?!?!? because at this point i would be almost 6 months along. don't tell me to pilfer a pregnancy test any

Answers:    You would be showing by 6 months. Using your hand on your fiance could put some pre-ejaculatory fluid on your fingers, and if you put it directly inside of you, it could impregnate you, but it's massively unlikely. You would know it if you were 6 months along.
Nope. Not pregnant. you're NOT pregnant NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT
No, I don't reason there is a arbitrary. What? Hell no you're not pregnant. You would of had an deliberate belly by now and you've have periods after! Whats the problem?
near is no possible way you could carry pregnant if there be no sperm. you are probably sick from being paraniod almost it. and dont you think you would be showing by immediately? ah hah ha ha ha...honey relax your getting your period. See you own the brown & gooey. Just relax. Watch a good chick flick and put away some chocolate.

Yes it is possible if there are sperm but significantly unlikely. If you were months prego afterwards you would have a huge belly!! You would even surface it kicking so relax!!
i seriously doubt you're pregnant. if you were, you would enjoy tons of symptoms by now. no you enjoy to be off the pill fior 10 days to seize pregnate
You couldn't be 6 months along because you've been have periods. Keep taking your pills every daytime, and stop worrying. Even your doctor said you were fine. If you be pregnant you wouldn't be getting periods at
Its doubtful that you are pregnant, but the only opening to know for sure is to take a pregnancy tryout or go to the doctor for a blood theory test. I would believe the doctor in that you aren't preggers. Besides that would own to be like super sperm to droop on that long and make its approach into you!!
you aren't pregnant. it sounds like you simply have a cold or something. Don't verbs, I won't tell you to help yourself to a pregnancy test.. You're not pregnant.

You might be an idiot, though. Do they variety tests for that?
If here was no intercourse afterwards their is no baby! I pray to God that you are a kid and of late don't understand the birds and the bees but. I would be appaled to think that you don't know the answer to this cross-question. You can not get pregnant the route you described. If there is more to the story thats a differnt situation. And duh, rob a pregnancy test.
Theres no course u can be pregnant! Stomach flu is going around like barmy in my nouns, you are possibly getting sick and that will put your period belated. Also possibly you have an infection which may bring a "off" period or a extent that looks funny. If you are pregnant it is NOT from the hand assignment scenario you described.
Are you getting a big belly? LOL
Not pregnant. no i highly doubt you are pregnant i chew over your stressing your self out over ether wanting to be pregnant or thinking that you maybe appropriate a chill pill its not possible
If you be six months pregnant, you'd have a big tummy! Plus you wouldn't enjoy had your period. You might feel in poor health for other reasons, or you're simply stressing yourself out. not old are u anyway..i parsimonious im almost 16 and i know the answer to this..ur belly button would already be popping out and u would be showing visible signs of pregnancy and might own already felt the babe-in-arms kicj so NO NO NO ur not preggo
Hi Hunnie, Sorry you are worried, but I dont think you enjoy anything to be worried about I don`t know you are just not hunch good which sometimes affects your extent anyway...If there be no sperm on your hand next it is impossible for you to have concieved from that precise time, Im sure you are ok...I know you dont want to hear this but maybe you should cart a pregnancy test simply to make yourself touch better. Also look for other symptoms of pregnacy...sore breasts, often fatigued, by six months you would usually perceive the baby moving, sensitivity to smell..righteous luck and I hope everything works out

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