7 x 5 inches of runway plenty to run rotten?

Is 7 x 5 inches of shaft enough to take rotten or should I move on to a bigger "runway"?

Answers:    confused?????.
Can you be more clear in your cross-question? If you give a guy up based on penis size alone, you are an extremely shallow personage. I am tempted to add that size doesn't event but apparently that isn't always the case. i dont conjecture 5" is possible in gurth. 7" length is normal and works powerfully.

3" gurth is more than most can handle..
Whatever turns you on. they say it is how you use it that matter. yep that should be just enough I don`t know bigger.
wt are you talking about, planes?
:S Haven't you tried it afterwards? How are we supposed to know?

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