Sex Drive?!?

I am going to my gyno tomarrow to get on some exotic bc...i want to go on the nuva ring...will my sex drive lower because of it?...and if so by how much?

Answers:    No I be on that for 3 years and loved it! I did not notice any difference contained by my sex drive at all!! I not on anything in a minute because I am TTC!!
I did experience a slightly lower sex drive and I've been on it for 3 years. I'm pretty sure its smaller number than most other birth control methods though. You should talk to your gyno and see what she recommend. My fiance was on it for roughly speaking a year or so. She did not have any cutback in sexual urges, but she did put on a touch weight. I am not sure if explicitly directly tied to the ring or not, though. That was the solitary real side effect she said she notice.

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