What is Cervical Cancer?

How do you know that you have it?
How do you prevent it?
what are the procedures if you are Suspected of have Cervical Cancer
please inform me as much as possible.

Answers:    Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus which open into the vagina. Worldwide, cervical cancer is the second-most common type of cancer that strikes women – bringing up the rear only breast cancer. In the United States, cervical cancer is the 14th most adjectives cause of unknown cancers diagnosed among women every year.

High-risk types of HPV (human papillomavirus) enjoy been shown to be the rationale of cervical cancer. Most women will get one or more types of this high-risk HPV at lowest possible once in their lives. However, the body’s immune system usually fight off the infection, and most women next to HPV never suffer from any problems as a result.

Though HPV is the primary cause, other factor can increase the likelihood that the virus develops into cervical cancer. These factor include:

- Infection with Chlamydia or herpes simplex virus type 2
- A first-degree relative next to a history of cervical cancer
- Conditions that weaken the body’s immune system, such as HIV/AIDS
- Smoking, which inteferes near the body’s ability to scuffle off infection
- Low level of folic acid (a type of vitamin B)

Symptoms of cervical cancer can include:
- unusual vaginal discharge or bleeding (especially after sexual intercourse).
- lower hindmost pain.
- sensitive urination (particularly when there is also misery in the lower abdomen).
- misery during sex.

The best way to protect yourself from cervical cancer is to take regular screening with the Pap – and if you’re 30 or elder – the HPV test. Together, these test determine if you are likely to own or develop abnormal cell that could become cancerous if not removed.

If you are diagnosed next to cervical cancer, treatment options will depend on your age, the stage of the cancer, etc. Common treatments include hysterectomy, radiation psychoanalysis, and chemotherapy.

You can read more about cervical cancer here: http://www.thehpvtest.com/under-30/HPV-f...

Hope this help,

Tracey from theHPVtest.com
cancer of the cervix. This explains everything x

Your cervix is a sex organ located in your lower tummy and connected to your vaginal canal. On any side of your cervix are falopian tubes that lead to overies which ovulate or disperse an ovum (egg) once a month waiting to be fertilized.

If the fertilization does not go off, the nutrient lining that developed to provide for a potential baby is wash away, which is called a time of year or monthly cycle, which occurs every 28 days.

You and I hold about 170,000 cancer cell in our body every moment as I type this to you right immediately. You and I have an immune system. We own white blood cells that step around talking to cell asking if its a friend or foe.

When the white blood cell runs across cancer, it calls surrounded by the B and T helper cell to come and dissolve the cancer with cell enzymes while the white blood cell clean up the mess.

When this cell communication fail, due to lack of cellular communication... Which is usually nutritional deficiency and toxins in the environment, the immune system become compromised.

Let's use the cervix for an example. The white blood cell goes to the cell that have cancer. The cell says "oblige, I am sick" and the white blood cell can't hear the cells cry for comfort.. So, it says, "You look conventional to me" and it fails to bid the B and T helper cell to detoxify and repair the cell or to kill the cancer cell and verbs it up.

Thus, the cancer begins to divide (proliferate unchecked by your own immune system). Then, when symptoms go down, its diagnosed by your doctor, which is often times too behind schedule.

Thus, you go through a series of chemotherapy (modified mustard gas), radiation (which cause oxidative damage specified to cause cancers) and mutilating surgeries ( to remove the infected organ or part).

All along, if the nutritional not as much as was address, then adjectives the other standard therapies may not own been important now would it?

However, culture like me are cogently persecuted for telling the truth.

Like, "I don't believe you,. your a swindler and your selling something."

Interesting that they don't question the drug industries agenda and the billions they are making on cancer treatment to some extent than a cure.

I'd rather cause money helping people legitamately than making money contained by a revolving door of death, because at tiniest I can donate my profits to cures not treatments.

And, that is to supplement next to antioxidants, phytonutrients, etc. Eat right and stay away from refined processed artificial foods. That prevents cancer, not some vaccine that have had no longitudinal studies back they make it mandatory on babyish girls.

Viruses are constantly kept in check by a stout immune system, but again, if the cells are not keeping up near the virus, its the same scenario as cancer. A disease can present itself then on.

Inflammation from fungus, bacteria, toxins or virus that are not kept in check because an immune system is not up to scratch and cannot communicate properly to identify, tag and detroy these pathogens. Can result surrounded by cancer growth.

70% of all premature death are due to antioxidant deficiencies as quoted contained by the book "The Antioxidant Miracle" by an MD... Look it up.
hi dont panic what you inevitability to do is have regular smear test they are how they detect cervical changes
i hold personal experience in this so in poor health try to be as informative as possible
if your gp notices within is a change your refered to a colposcopy clinic they see you every 6-12 months dependant on the severity of the abnormalities(pre cancerous cells) they filch a biopsy which you get results for surrounded by 6 weeks if they feel your abnormalities(pre cancerous cells) are gettin worse they will do a loop biopsy which entail a lazer removing the pre cancerous cells
sounds profoundly worse than it is i havebeen havin treatment from about 4 years as at hand has be no significant change they say aloud it tends to sort out its self contained by most cases
remember just preserve up to date on your smear test and try not to verbs
all the best : )

Let's clutch your questions broken down a little bit -- the best path to prevent cervical cancer is to try to catch it formerly it BECOMES cancer, if that makes sense.

Your doctor probably recommend regular Pap Smears. That's exactly why -- s/he is checking your cervix to see if there are extraordinary cells on it anywhere. Now -- if you've never have one of those before, this is subdivision of a regular OB/GYN checkup -- your doctor takes something that looks similar to a long q-tip and scrapes it along your cervix, which is an organ mode at the back of your vagina (it's the hole leading from your vagina to your uterus). That get some cells onto the Q-tip, which your doctor afterwards sends to a lab for testing.

If adjectives the cells on that token are normal, afterwards you're fine. But if any of them look abnormal, your doctor will only just want to take a closer look. S/He may also assessment that sample for HPV as very well -- HPV is a very adjectives sexually transmitted virus, and some types of the HPV virus can increase cervical cancer risk.

Now, just because the cell are abnormal doesn't denote that you're going to get cancer within five minutes or anything; it just funds that some of the cells look a touch off. Some "abnormal" cell clear up on their own, and the ones that do someday turn into cancer, it takes them YEARS to do so. The subsequent test your doctor give you, a colposcopy, determines what kind of deviant youv'e got. In that try-out, your doctor applies a vinegar solution to your cervix because that irritates any of the abnormal spots and make them stand out. Then based on how they look, your doctor may agree on that it looks like they're going away adjectives on their own, or may want to do yet another try-out called a biopsy -- within that, they take a moment or two snip of skin from that spot on your cervix and send THAT for carrying out tests.

Now -- if it looks after all that approaching you have the charitable of abnormal cell that could someday become cancer, you still have PLENTY of time to stop it. So if the exam results from the biopsy come back showing that it's a impose for concern, your doctor would do something called a LEEP procedure -- I've not have that done, but the person who did said it be kind of approaching how some doctors take prudence of warts -- they touch something to that spot that freeze-dries it, consequently they scrape it sour. You feel self-conscious for the rest of the day, but much better the subsequent, and except in terribly rare cases, that take care of the problem.

So -- cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix, but if you are getting regular Pap smears, you can do like mad to prevent it and stop it before it become something that severely affects your quality of time.

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