Question more or less menstrual cramps?

I suffer from really aweful menstrual cramps to the point that i get nauseus and vomit n i can't even receive off my bed for the first 2-3 days. I own always have bad cramps since the daytime i got it when i be 14yrs old but it seem to keep getting worse and worse respectively time. I've tried naprosen sodium 500, but herd near are side effects like everything else. I also try tylenol & motrin 800, they facilitate A LOT but is there anything else that anyone recommend? I really appreciate any and all information that you can administer. =) Negra

Answers:    ALL that works for me is ibuprofin (advil,or the wal-mart brand equate) I have other from the time i got mine have very severe cramps and they are worse on the first two days and when i wear tampons. But the one and only thing and i close-fisted the ONLY thing that works is advil!! Try it!! Also sometimes birth control works sometimes to.But if none of that works probly progress see a doctor!
There are prescription drugs that can help abundantly. See a doctor. Try a heating wad or warm hose down bottle and curl up with it for a moment or two while. I also heard midol help alot to.
I would consider going to the doctors and letting them know how servere this is. But other than that I would pinch some midol.. a lot of midol. im 14 and when i get my period it be so bad i have to skip school, and no tablets worked, now im on birth control because it make you not have a extent and sometimes you get bleeding and you capture little cramps, but its soo much better than having my length!

im so much happier this way, i recomend yazmin bc!
i hold the same exact problem
i hope you find the answer! I used to enjoy extremely painful cramps related to endometriosis (I have a hysterectomy so I don't anymore) but when they were really doomed to failure, I took a heavy hip bath towel, ran the marine in the tub as hot as it would turn, steaming hot, and run enough over the towel to build it just soggy not wet adjectives the way through, and put it on my belly. An old fashioned sea bottle is great but I haven't seen one contained by years.Some kind of moist steam on my stomach was the just way I could survive. Also race make fun of us girls for chocolate cravings but it really does hold a chemical called magnesium contained by it that helps. The dark chocolate the better. If you can't afford to veg out on the couch the new backache bake patches are a great substitute. If you put one on your abdomen it relaxes the muscles cause the cramps the same means of access it would for a backache, and no one can explain to its there. Stay away from aspirin for dull pain as it will cause you to bleed heavier thus increasing the cramps. .
Hope this help. You do have my sympathy!
You want to see an OBGYN if you haven't already. You could be suffering from many things but if it is endometriosis it could save you from having children. I have that and it was so fruitless it would cause me to elapse out for 2 hours at a time. It took forever to find a doctor that would check me for it. There's several options for cramps that a doctor could supply you. I wouldn't continue to hold trying to treat it alone. Hope you feel better. I know it sorry.

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