Birth Control?

OK, I'm wanting to know about some things roughly speaking birth control, mainly i want to know: which is most effectual in decreasing your period,, which ones won't make you gain freight, what brands would you recommend,what type would you recommend(ring, pill, patch.etc...) and other usefull information is helpful too! :-)
serious answers one and only...i will report.

Answers:    Yaz comes with 24 stirring pills and only 4 deskbound pills. This should make your period lighter. With Seasonique you get period 4 times a year. One pack comes with 91 pills. 84 pills are busy, and 7 pills contain a low dose of Estrogen. This reduces the effects of your interval.
I use Ortho Tricyclen Lo. It works pretty well. I use the pill. I didn't really gain any weightiness. You should probably talk to your gyno though, to opt what's right for you. I like the pill (be sure you can embezzle it on time.) I never gain any weight and I 've be on Ortho cyclen low for over a year. I still have a week long time, but the pill works. I know a lot of girls who did that seasonelle stuff and get pregnant. I have no mode of telling if they took it properly or not. My friend have had the ring fall over our before after sex. The patch are ok, but visible.
I use Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo.. it's awesome. i don't gain substance and so far i haven't gotten preg. You get your P every month, which i don't mind because i quality sooo great after my P. may sound strange (or gross), but it's approaching a cleansing each month. I recommend it. I've never used a patch, so i couldn't really enunciate much about it, but i own a friend who got preg. after seven months on the patch.. i guess none is 100% potent, but the pill has worked so far.

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