A cure for PMS?

help! do you know how you can net the symptoms of pms go away?
I get the impression like I'm going crazy. I've have mood swings, I start crying and I can't stop, then I wonder why I even started crying. The dull pain is really getting on my nerves and I have to concentrate on my studies but i can't sit at the desk because the anguish is killing me.
I snap at general public for no reason...really messing it up for me.
What help?

Answers:    if u don't want to use the pill or do anything extreme
just masturbate
contained by the shower or wherever won't be gross
seriously, it completely get rid of cramps
The Pill. I have a friend that go on the pill "Yaz" and she said it really helped near all her symptoms that be similar to yours.
hit a guy in the ball. i feel that girls around me want to hit me surrounded by the balls when within pmsing. divorce, aleve or vodka
i read in seventeen magazine that have an orgasm can help. anyone who finds a cure for pms should be a god...i kno exactly how you have a feeling, i've found that a very flawless pill for cramps and such is neproxin, it is the wonder drug...
A good diet. I cannot enunciate it enough "EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE"
Well there's really no such article as a "cure" for pms. But, you could get on the pill, appropriate midol or pamprin or any other otc medications for pms. It will slim down the symptoms but they won't completely go away.

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