Breast Implants?

I lost weight and my breasts hang down horribly so I'm going to get breast implant and a breast lift when I'm 18 to bring support the fullness. Anyway, if I get breast implant when I'm 18 and I plan to have two children between 30 and 33 (give or clutch a year maybe). Can I get my breasts redo and have them still look fitting when I'm in my younger to mid thirties after I hold children? Thanks. No "don't get implants" or be chirpy with yourself posts, please. I'm not trying to look close to Pamela Anderson and I'm not too young to know that my body looks style too old for my age. I've be sick since I was 6 months antediluvian and now that I'm improving, I think I deserve a few years of infantile beauty. A move up alone will not make my breasts look pretty.

Answers:    ok, here is some moral advice. First any breast implant will have to be redo or touched up after about 10 years. Straight from my plastic surgeons mouth to your ears. some sooner, some longer. So you can procure some now perchance about 300 cc's which will donate you about 1 - 1/2 cup size bigger.
For example I be a 34A and got 500 cc and very soon I am a 34DD. But i did not have any extra skin or no flaccid really so they are lifted pretty glorious and nice and round, but in something like 7 more years I may need to find them touched up or may not because then I will be within my 40's and wont really be stuck on that.
Your doctor will take everything into consideration earlier hand,,so don't grain rushed, and do your research! research! research! Take your time and find a good doctor, cost? here within Miami about 4,500 for everything. Good Luck!
Well i know they dont closing forever, so im sure by then, you'll call for new implant anyways, so good luck, a moment ago make sure you look into profoundly of surgeons and dont get a botched boob employment! ok. obviously it's your body and you deserve to do anything you want with it. other ethnic group should just mind their own business and stop worrying just about what others are doing in the boob department. that said.
lol on to your query. Yes of course you can find your breasts redone.
Of course, breast implant are supposed to keep they're fullness, unless one of them breaks, which the surgen should pay packet to repair.

:P Hope this helps!!
do your homework..i've have some surgery and their is some real fake out there.ask lots of question from the doctors. Before my surgery i went to 4 different doctors and found which one be best for took me one year to find out what i a few surgery mags.they other have a which doctors hold a good rep.turn for it! I know exactly how you feel. I lost 30 kgs and own the same problem. everyone is resembling what are u talking about> i own the chest of a mum of five and im not having that anymore! SO im certainly having a elevate with implant in roughly two weeks, my surgeon said basically noone wishes a breast lift twice within their life and they will never be as saggy as they are when you receive them done again. But yes gradually they will not be as perky, but hey do we wanna be 33 year olds mums near 18 year old boobs>? they will defnitley still look fitting though! just age appropriate

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