Menstrual Cramps?

Hey I just get my period for the first time and for me it didn't start out outstandingly slow or anything. I have crucial cramps. I really need some minister to my mom has tried everything she know so please i need someones relief! I'd appreciate any answers!

Answers:    take 2 panadol every 4 hours or read the posterior of the pack for directions. Drink water. Use a heat pad or perceive a sock with rice and fry for 15 seconds and apply to your abdomin.
Either exercise or find plenty of rest. On my first day I can narrowly move, but on the other days when I have cramps I find a short time bit of movement is helpfull.
Eat healthy, no cast-offs food.
Oh and sip peppermint or any herbal tea. It eases the cramps.
guzzle banans does help me and lots of rest Try pamprin, midol, heat pad, hot tub, walking around, exercising.
try walking or put a pillow on your stomach and bend down and take some midol or something resembling that

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