Help near Birth Control?? Please... Please... Please!!?

I am 24, sexually active and contained by desperate need of birth control back.
I have tried copious, many oral pills adjectives of which have have disastrous results... acne, depression (big time - I went on anti-depressants for a while - immediately off), weight gain, naueus and sick every sunshine, horrible cramps, its been really unpromising.
I have also tried using an IUD, which isn't reccomended for my age for miscellaneous reason and also come with ridiculosu cramping and doomed to failure periods.
I am really trying to look into a latest birth control, I know there are abundantly out there... but purely have no belief!
My main concerns are depression, mood swings, acne and as expected weight gain.
I know everyone's different, but is within anyone out there that have had bleak problems with birth conrtol near any suggestions? THANK YOU!!

Answers:    I too have be on lots of types of birth control.

I was on the pill, have a hard time remembering it so I wasn't staying regular.

Depo Provera. (aka "The Shot") Absolute nightmare. I gain a significant amount of weight. Major mood swings I would in actual fact burst in to tears for absolutly no plea. Loss of sex drive.
Everyone I know that was on it have to go past its sell-by date for the exact same reasons!

The Patch - Was a lover of it. Liked that I only delt beside it once a week. But I didn't like that the patch would "slide" and I would hold a black ring around it where the fuzz from my pant and underwear would stick to the edge.

Now on the Nuva Ring.
This, by far, have been the best form of Birth control I own ever been on.
Put the ring contained by once a month, stays in for 3 weeks afterwards remove and get your term.
My boyfriend has no concept that it's there and any do I for that matter. My extent comes like clock work very soon and only last 3 days. I have be on it for almost a year and my PMS symptoms have definately gotton better. No substance gain either. I would suggest this to ANYONE! I honestly hold nothing unpromising to say something like it!

I never had problems near acne... so sorry that I can't help out near that. But it hasn't made my face any worse!
Hope this help! Good Luck!
talk to your doctor, but conceivably try the shot. I've heard that girls don't tend to do in good health on the shot because of the concentration of the hormones. You might want to try the nuva ring which is a low dose estrogen/progesterone combo. Do not use the patch as that has large doses of hormones as well. If you similar to the pills, you could try ortho tricyclen lo. Ask your health aid provider or go to a local planned maternity for more options, they can prescribe you something that fits your situation.
Hmmm...I've have some bad times on birth control pills too! Anyways, sometimes taking the mini-pill can give support to with profoundly of these problems. The mini-pill contains just a progestin instead of both estrogen and progesterone. It is single something like 86-88% important though.

An IUD is not recommended for anyone who have any sort of cramping issues in the first place any (I don't know if you did or not, but the IUD can make the cramping worse...or of late create HORRID cramping like it did contained by your case).

Ummm I'm not sure about any other forms too much because I enjoy only tried oral contraceptives as greatly of is not recommended for me (I hold possible endometriosis). I, like you, enjoy been on masses different prescriptions ending beside switching brands (I have immediately had a total of 4 prescriptions inside the last 6 months that I've be put onto birth control. I have have to be taken off closely of them for mainly adverse reaction such as severe depression, blood clotting, etc. along with it not helping next to my cramping after a couple of months, etc.).
Yaz controls acne. One pack comes with 24 live pills and only 4 deskbound pills. This should make your period lighter.

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