PMS cross-examine...?

If PMS is something you get until that time your period starts, and you're usually "cranky" during that time, is it conventional for you to be grouchy DURING your period?
Women with the sole purpose please. ^_^;;

Answers:    its something i get..back...during..after...and hell sometimes for no reason at adjectives.
i get it during the time
im on my interval
and sometimes b4 not
as much tho
normally i am cranky a integral week before and usally on the first daytime of. I also think pms stands for pre menstral syndrom. Yes it is mundane to be grouchy during. The whole menstral proccess involves closely of hormones. It would be weird if you where on earth not cranky. very everyday i get it in the past and during dont worry your fine
yah period can make you grouchy formerly, after and while your on it.. As far as I've heard, any electric roller coaster type feelings and cramps are totally mundane during and before your length. But don't go by me, because when i am on my cycle, i draw from no symptoms whatsoever, no pms at all.
i'm usually grouchy about a week back my period starts and consequently once it starts i'm fine. every woman experiences pms a little differently though.

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