Orgasm problems (ladies only)?

i just started have sex and i masterbate from time to time, but i have deeply of trouble achieving an orgasm. it will start to quality good, but the pleasure go away before i can discern anything else.

i don't think i've ever really have an orgasm. i heard it be like an explosion of pleasure, and i regard as i'd know if i felt something close to that. what do you think it is?

Answers:    Having an orgasm is approaching a pleasure explosion. You would know if you have have one, you wouldn't be second guessing yourself. You may just be over stimulating. When you do masterbate, don't rush it, thieve your time. when having sex most woman solely have an orgasm from clitiral stimulation and not really from access. It takes most woman long to orgasm from insertion than it does from oral sex or clitiral stimuly.
seriously of woman have a tough time achieving orgasm freshly from penetration.and if you dont do 4play that can affect it as ably...rubbing the clit works really well!! I have the same problem until I used a vibrator. Now no problems reaching orgasm.
You want to continue to find out what make you happy, once you own that down you are allowed in sex to enlighten you partner what makes you healthy. If you wait for him that's fine, but engineer sure he knows where on earth to take you past it's over. No one is exactly the same and if you're turn on is different it's no big concord. Enjoy! Go with your man to a sex shop and pick out some different "toys"- it is strange at first, but it sounds like you entail to try a vibrator! I didn't have my first orgasm until I be 20 after a year of having sex- and I go home one day (cuz I thought I feel something!) and I laid in bed trying it until I have one- I think it took close to an hour and a half. When I told my friends, they took me to the sex shop and I picked out a vibrator, which is awesome to use beside your guy. A lot of people (like me) can't enjoy orgasms by "sexual intercourse" and are more stimulated by "rubbing and vibrating"...Just try that however you can until you get what type of "motion" works for you. Sorry this is mode of graphic but I hope it help!

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