Orgasm back! how to gain one during intercourse?

Ive had orgasms previously, but not during intercourse. what can i do or have my bf do?? and how various people in fact get more than one?

Answers:    As long as you're getting them, that's the big article. Lots of couples can't couple in a course that gives her adjectives the stimulation she needs for orgasm within intercourse.

Depending on your position, you or he can use fingers to stimulate your clitoris. I find it awkward to reach between us when we're within a missionary position, but she can play with herself well - and I like the foreboding of her fingers working almost as much as she does.
when u are ready for intercourse, the position really counts. and this alwyas different for different women. try out adjectives postions lets see on what luck turns out It adjectives depends upon what stimulates you most. you could try using a sex toy perhaps at impossible to tell apart time ... im not real sure because im not surrounded by your body to know what your feeling but self suggest to try a few diff rent positions perhaps and conceivably a toy like a vibrator to stimulate you at indistinguishable time. id utter give that a try and see what happen gl hope that's not to much info lol.
listen to the loveline show.. dr drew always say that mOST women cannot orgasm during intercourse and theres nothing you can do give or take a few it.. ur just "wired" close to that.. most women fake it anyway stick sdomething contained by ujr butt im seriouse

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