Birth Control Methods?

I've been on birth control pills for nearly 2 years and have tried 6 or 7 different ones. Despite adjectives the trials I still haven't found one worth staying on and I'm getting to the point where I want to bequeath up on them all together. Can anyone recommend anything (other than condoms) that I could use that wouldn't significantly lower my libido, present me severe mood swings or painful breast discomfort? Please send your counsel and opinions!

Answers:    a diaphraghm
I despicable those things, too! Not worth the trouble. After baby 3, my spouse agreed to own a Vas. My sister had her tubes tied, and my girlfriend have an iud (only lasts 5 years). First of adjectives lemme tell you that using pills is not a angelic idea coz it have many disadvantages and above adjectives it effects ur hormones.Its always better to use any external contraceptive approaching the diaphragm,condoms etc.Also check out this site u may get a better compassion and it'll be easy for u to agree on the best way.
Check out the NuvaRing or IUD you may close to one of those better. I have loved the nuvaring and only just for the last 8 months I am doing the depo shot and really love that. No time of year for me!

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