Breast Implants?

I'm very interested surrounded by getting breast implants. Not going crazy beside 'em, just want to add on another cup size.
Has anybody gotten the surgery done that could fill me within on what exactly goes on? I hold been to website after website, but I'd really to some extent hear it from a person who have been within & experienced it.
How long does it take... what's the stomach-ache like afterwards... how long earlier you can get vertebrae to normal everyday flurry... Scaring... Saline or silicone... etc...
Also, I'm actually kinda unnerved about getting put beneath for the surgery & have never be put under earlier. If you could let me know what thats close to to I would greatly appreciate it!
Many thanks!

**FYI- I hold all equipped heard every urge there is on why I shouldn't draw from implants & how to be sunny with what I enjoy & da dut da dut da dut... so please, none of that here. Thanks!

Answers:    Having gone through 2 breast augmentations and about 5 breast surgeries (boob job if you wish) total (not including an in-office incision touch up), I kind of own the whole process down pat.

MyCosmeticSurgeryBlog (breast augmentation section):

Questions to ask at your consultation:

Tips to find the best plastic surgeon for you:

Best of luck to you, hope this help!
YES do it.
I have no info on experience, but I get the impression if that will make you be aware of more comfortable with yourself, after go for it! I know once I'm done have kids, I'm considering it. nice, why not get 2 cup sizes bigger?
yes Different address this time..

GET EM. Wooo Hooo! Get some Big uns

I love em.
Fake boobies are SOOOOO GROSS and unattractive. Don't do it! noooooo! dont bring them, if ur doing it to impress a guy, and he likes you basis of that he is not worth it
well if its what u want and u get da money just stir 4 it u can never let anyone speak about u u shouldnt or dont even let them get hold of in ur means of access especially since ur an adult

trying 4 best answer
If the surgery go wrong, your boobs will be messed up for life and nobody will ever want to see you topless. If its not just about being topless, consequently just wear a pad bra. i dont really know cuz im a boy lol. sorry. but not everybody is happy near how they look, im not gonna be happy til this saturday when i finally bring dreadlocks that ive wanted for over a year immediately. if you want to change the bearing you look a little, consequently i say do it. pious luck with it too
I own not had breast implant but I have have surgery in that nouns for a pacemaker. I have have surgery in the nouns 3 times. It is pretty painful. You probably will not know how to sleep well for a couple of night. The pain should really get hold of better in going on for a week. The first couple days are the hardest. It all downhill from in that. u should do w/e you want, i have be put under and it feel like if ur sleeping, by the path some guys don't like copy boobs so i think almost that
there s a well brought-up 1 in birmingham ask again tomorrow and il share ya name of it but me friend get picked up from her door took to boob place up a cup back nx sunshine she was existing skinny so the inplants had to travel under the musle ! 4000.00 pound every 15 years !! 2 weeks of no lifting and anguish!! God bless you. Men LOVE nice breastesses..

As with any surgery - in that will be a recovery time that will be bloody for a while. If you tough it out, it will be worth it in the conclusion...

Good Luck.
aside giving you another lecture that you enjoy heard already... my ex girlfriend have D cup size implants and she claimed it be the most horrible pain she ever feel afterwards. i met her with them already within. she urged her A cup sister never to get them because of the dull pain. on her car ride home she complained of every little bump the saloon rode thru which she felt contained by her chest muscles. aside from the initial pain and swelling she say she feels sexier and loves to wear sexy revealing clothes because of them. i hope this help. make the right finding for yourself. well i hold no idea what breast implant are like but ive have more than my fair share of surgerys so i can detail u that.

they will put u under and you will fell the soft going thro your body then when u quality it going around your face it will putr you down usually take about 4 second or so.

then your going to rouse up high as a kite surrounded by pain next to no idea where on earth you are. it will hurt for another hour or so. also when you first wake up your gonna be thirsty as hell but for the first 30 mins or so they will one and only let u enjoy ice chips cuase of adjectives the medicine within you and what not u might vomit if u all of a sudden start gulping down river.

also before you own surgery your not supposed to eat or drink for 12 hours.

hope that help
Get em, your 'boyfriend' will like them. not as much as mine though, mine are definite. I'm a cup bigger less than a month beside
Before I was an A cup and inside 2 months I am almost a C cup and all of it lacking surgery, pills or creams.

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