I hv stress give a hand me out plisss.?

i hv lost weight deeply n find it hard 2 gain it bak n it stress me like mad.
um nt hapi cos i think abundantly bot my body n alwys look at it 2 check if i dnt gain by luks lyk um evn losin it.pls help me out hw cn i gain it bak?
um thnkn of taking contraceptives(birth controll pills) cos read dat their syd effects are gainwithin weight n havin big breast n this r thns dat i rily want,so u du guyz suggest i tak thm n du thnk thy cn work 4 me?

Answers:    I'd love to answer your message.
I can't read it. If that's what texting looks approaching, slow down, and you have rather more space to work with.
Not everyone understand your. . . English?
Maybe try again and repeat your question? I am not going to try and grasp it because all it is, Is a bunch of correspondence. to relieve stress, try to think going on for positive things, remember beautiful events you experienced.
you can try auto-hypnosis, too, it can be immensely effective
relaxing music, can back
try use anti-stress plants and herbs, it's a automatic way to cure stress
this website negotiations about some anti-stress herb
good luck

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