Orgasm during dry sex?

hey,my ex bf and i had dry sex for the first time( FOR ME) it be good,and i feel something,involuntary noises coming from my side,that an orgasm?lol lol silly give somebody the third degree i can it happen if my underwear be on? and if that was it,authentic sex must be sooooo good,it wasnt painful(still a virgin)it of late felt apposite,duz that mean i wont find my first time to b itchy??
im waitng till i get married..i hope this whle point makes sense...thnx (hope it dont nouns silly)..

Answers:    People can orgasm in copious different ways. I've heard of women getting orgasms from guys sucking on their nipples or toes. I've also hear of women who got orgasms from getting massage. It doesn't matter if your underwear be on or not; some women are able to come easier than others. Sex can be obedient, or it can be terrible. It depends on the chemistry you own with your partner. I've hear of some women who insist that size matters, and others who insist that it's the motion, not the size, that matter. Your first time may be painful and may be a bit bloody (not to startle you), or it may be perfectly fine.

It's dutiful that you're waiting until you get married. However, if you do loose change your mind (and many ethnic group do out of curiosity or for whatever personal reason), please be wary. Protect yourself against STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Use condoms and birth control pills, and talk to your partner give or take a few his/her sexual history. Sex can be amazing, but there can be some unwanted consequences. Have fun, and be nontoxic!
It is natural so as I have experienced like you several times. Women can orgasm contained by many different ways. They can enjoy orgasm just by rubbing their nipples or toes or getting massage.
You should believe that there are several ways for us to manage to orgasm and this can help woman to savour more than sex without any cramp.
All happen contained by your first time is depend on your partner and specially yourself. It may be painful but you can savour it too.

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