Does Yaz birth control murder your sex drive?

Answers:    I definitely notice this when I was taking Yaz...
But I stopped taking it and it come back to me- so through my experience: it really did hold a negative affect on my "wanting to do it"-

I merely take regular ortho-tricyclin (sp?) and not with the sole purpose did it help my skin, but my period are way lighter and I still want to enjoy sex with my hubby, adjectives the time.

I have also tried the depo-shot (don't EVER thieve this) and the NUVA ring you keep up within for 3 weeks- it is horrible too. The only article that worked for me and had POSITIVE side affects be the regular, plain old ortho (not the generic kind- which kaiser will distribute you) Get it from Planned Parenthood if you have Kaiser.

I surmise that with birth control within general- you just requirement to figure out which works best for you by trying different things, I guess everyone is different when it comes to this subject.

Hope this helps :)
I don't know, but that would be an influential birth control method! Yeah, that's how it!
it depends on the person. i took the regular yasmin and it did.. it also made me moody, depressed and i cried abundantly. but for other people i know, it worked clearly. you just gotta find the one that works best for ya. Yaz made me extremely depressed, I cried every darkness!! There was no desire for sex, and even if i tried I be, umm..."dry". These side effects made me miserable so I went final to using Ortho Lo and I love it!!
well it's not a short time ago yaz it's mostly all birthcontrol. I go through the same article there is a hormone contained by them that suppresses your testorone level which is the harmone that make you horny then it elevate your estogren that takes the place of the small amounts of testogeren that women own which by the way men own huge amounts of that's why there other horny! hope that helps some but, the single way that you can return with your sex drive back is to stop taking them I wouldn't recommend that though unless you know what your contained by for that's why its called birthconrol for a intention.

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