For the ladies! Does anyone enjoy or have Endometriosis?

I have be looking into this for a while now as im sure i hold this illness.I hold loads of leaflets about it and i own been getting alot of these symptoms for a long time in a minute,even when i was a minor i can remember getting some of the symptoms back consequently but im really scared just about this as the worst part of it adjectives is that i might not be able to hold children of my own and thats something i have other wanted!Also the stomach-ache is quite annoying even though its not adjectives the time its still prevents me from doing alot of things!Can anyone give me some direction on this and tell me if theres any haphazard of this being treated as i conjecture that because ive had it for soooo long immediately and not realised,its probably done alot of damage!

Answers:    You really can't know if you own endometriosis unless a doctor performs a laparascopic or laparatomy surgery. Once they perfom the surgery and enjoy a look inside they can be sure if you have it and at what stage it is.

I suspected I have it for many years because of my odd and painful period. When I started trying to get pregant and wasn't competent to after 1 year my OBGYN(who specializes in pelvic pain) perform a laparascopic surgery and found endometriosis stage III. The endo was removed via some sort fo laser and after more treatments I be pregnant is 5 months. I know have a 2 year older son.

There are several treatments for endo and not all women who enjoy endo are infertile. The thing is that the endo tend to come back.

The best article is to go to your doctor surrounded by you think you enjoy endo. Don't be scared. There es other hope for those with endo, and after adjectives you might not even have it.

More adjectives info on treatments and endo infertility here:
sounds to me like the course u explained that ur a bit of a hypocondriac the way you explained that ( that literally money you get everything you read adjectives the symptoms and u think ur ill).

Get up ya gp and consult beside them

Best wishes
my friend has endrometriosis. she have to have prescription aching pills for her period cramp. if you really think you enjoy endometriosis, go to the doctor and he can explain to for sure. then he can report you what you can do and if you can have kids or not. My gf have it since she was 15 when she be told, she's had treatment recurrently seeing a gynaecologist, their is varying degrees of it, most can still hold kiddy winkles.

Don't worry but doc's is a must asap.Many different treatments which are nil to worry going on for, and make you feell better. Email me if you entail any more adfvice.
I had multiple symptoms for years and very bumpy periods and cumbersome ones too! I found out about Endometriosis years ago and asked my doctor, but he did not contemplate I had it, he advise that I take Paracetamol during my period. It took me a year to fall pregnant. When I go into labour, I have to have a c-section. During the c-section I be told that I had Endometriosis because of the bleeding. It answered my interrogate and I knew from the start I have it. The good word is, it obviously did not affect me have children and have be told since that pregnancy is always possible, but may pilfer a little longer.

I want you all the luck and best wishes for the adjectives.

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