Birth Control pills and reproductive system give somebody the third degree?

I have be on birth control pills for some 5 years. I know I was told that my eggs contained by the ovaries are staying put until I decide to hold children. Anyway as I'm getting older, I am wondering what happen to those eggs, am I going to have adjectives those eggs available in couple of years still? When you are on the pill, I realize that it doesn't distribute you a regular period, but instead it mimics a time of year. So would I have lately as much of the eggs or are they somehow disappearing with age?

I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday, and plan on bring up this query. But I wanted to know if anyone else know or wonders about that.

Answers:    Technically, yes you would hold just as lots eggs in five years, but this would not kind you any more fertile than a woman who has ovulated every month.

Each woman have hundreds of thousands of eggs in her body. We don't run through menopause because we've run out of eggs. We go through menopause because our eggs (and the rest of our bodies) are wearing out. Exposure to perspective radiation, toxins and just the standard wear and tear of the years bring in a woman's eggs less viable.
Eggs don't in recent times disappear. Woman are born with a set amount of egg, and we will not produce anymore extra throughout our lifetime. (unlike men's sperm) But as we find older (or other situation, such as illness) some egg will deteriorate and will not be capable of be fertilized. Oh.. I remember reading this answer somewhere.. If i remember correctly.. the eggs still disappear, but not in the inside layer of the uterus. I'm sorry i don't remember the exact location of the answer.
women are only born beside some many egg. where on earth men reproduce semen for the rest of there life span in some cases. most women own enough egg to own a period once a month economically in to here late 30s or even to in that late 40s. in attendance have be case where on earth women in within 50s and even there 60s have kid. so you should be fine.

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