Birth Control?

I just turned 18 and I've be on birth control since march 07. i be on them because i was irregular, i would hold my period for 27 days out of a 30 year month. If i get bad the pill now will my irregular period come back?

Answers:    It depends on if you be irregular because you are young or if it be because of a hormonal imbalance that your pills fixed. If it's the latter, they could outstandingly well be irregular again. I don't know the answer to that though. You can ask the doctor that perscribed them to you.

And don't progress back and forth man off and on BC. The differences surrounded by hormones can confuse your system and that will unequivocally cause irregularity.
Possibly but try staying on the pill for roughly one more month. later try getting off of it. Is within any reason you inevitability to get rotten of it. If it works for you, you should stay on it. I would definitely budge see you GYN before stopping your pills. If they put you on the pill to regulate your period and you get sour there is a big casual that your periods will syill be irregular after you stop taking the birth control..Please pop in your doctor before making any choices!
Find an gynocolgist and receive an appointment to have your hormone level tested. I had issues next to my cycle like that when I be younger and my doctors just kept shifting my birth control to a different brand of pill. It turns out that I have some hormonal issues that be causing my period to be wacky and will most likely not be capable of have kids. I didn't fastidiousness when I was 18, but presently that I want them I wish I have found out back afterwards! Most likely, yes. Birth control pills don't "fix" the problem. They merely regulate you while you are taking them. Once you get rotten of them, your body will try to regulate your own hormones again. Sometimes it will regulate them how they should be, but most of the time they don't, especially since you haven't been on birth control that long. My period are extremely irregular and I just get off birth control to try and become period are still as wacky as before I go on them, so I'm on fertility drugs now. After I enjoy a child, I am going back to birth control for the regularity.

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