Birth Control and acne...?

I started taking Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo about 3 weeks ago fundamentally for my acne and so far I haven't noticed any results. I be wondering if they were supposed to transport effect already or if I still need to hang about and see if they work for me? And if you have taken or steal the pill for your acne which pill are you using and how long did it take for you specifically to start working?

Answers:    I took ortho tricyclen lo for 2 months and broke out surrounded by cysts on my jawline. Plus, I had pregnancy symptoms. I go straight to back to my doc and asked her to be switched to ortho tricyclen (regular). Totally cleared up the cysts and other hormonal acne. Can't remember how long it took, conceivably 2-3 months. Didn't have any problem near it except for the mood swings (b-vitamins helped). I think Lo is not designed to give support to with acne, regular help because of the estrogen content. I read from that birth control pills with sophisticated estrogen and lower androgen potency helps next to acne. Yasmin(R), Demulen(R) 1/50, Othro-Tri Cyclen(R), Ortho-Cyclen(R), Yasmin(R), Brevicon(R), Modicon(R), Necon(R), Ortho Evra(R), Mircette(R).

I've done well near Ortho Tricyclen but I hear from many family that Yasmin is good. Steer away from the really illustrious dosage ones...those can cause breast cancer, etc.
i give somebody a lift the same pill, but i do use it for birth control. It have helped me like mad with my acne, but it took going on for a month, at most two, to end up how it is immediately. I've been on it for close to 5 months now and I used to break out adjectives the time, and i haven't in the closing few months. I would switch birth control pills...
I take Yaz and its amazing. i dont go and get pimples anymore, my period go from 6 days to two days! not to mention how light it is!
andddd you dont gain freight on this birth control pill unlike many others in a short period of time you lose weightiness!!
i would strongly concider it!
When I was younger I did like thing and it took a worthy 2 months before I really notice any changes surrounded by my acne for acne it can take anywhere from a pack to 3 pack for it to work. It doesn't just occur over night. I took Desogen from the time I be 12 until I was 18.

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