Birth Control - Sunday Start - Progestin Pills?

I'm starting Micronor Progestin-Only pills. I'm breastfeeding, no period even so, and doing Sunday Start. I'm just curious... why Sunday start? Can I start today? It seem to me I should be able to, as long as I pocket these particular pills every daytime at the exact same time. Am I correct or incorrect in assuming this?

Answers:    Yes, you should be capable of start whenever. Where you don't have a set term week on micronor, when you start will not set when your periods will slump. Just start taking pills on the first Thursday of the cycle and keep going. The nurse told me to throw away the first pills (I am on Micronor too) when I started midweek (I started on a Tuesday), so that I would switch pack on Sunday from then on newly to keep things easier to remember.
Many pills are Sunday start because most empire find the schedule easier, and near a Sunday start pill you usually don't have period on the weekends. However the pills usually come with stickers to adaptation the little schedule point on your pills if you don't want to start on Sunday. Give your Dr. a call and ask if you can start today. Sunday is newly an easy route for people to remember. You can start today. FYI: In travel case you are pro-life, the progestin only pill while breastfeeding can allow conception but not implantation.
There are two reason to start on the sunday after the start of your period. One - to get sure that you aren't pregnant. Two - so that your next length will come at about the time you would enjoy had your subsequent period anyway - you maintain to your schedule.

If you know that you aren't pregnant, and don't enjoy a schedule that you want to save to, then you can start whenever you close to.

The reason to start on any Sunday is so that your length will usually begin on a weekday, and not ruin your weekend.
They recommend starting during your extent so that you know you're not pregnant, and you're not ovulating at that time. You can really start any day of the week. They recommend Sunday so that when you win to the week that you have your extent you don't have it on the weekend. Unless you clutch the pill on the first day of your time of year, you aren't protected until you've been on the pill for 7 days. They recommend using a back-up method of contraceptive for the first month, allowing you to find used to the pill--both hormonally and getting used to taking it daily.

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