Pregnancy oral exam after morning after pill?

Ok, I've had to ask this a few times because answers enjoy not been fundamentally informative but here is my questions... I go on the morning after pill immediately after the condom broke while i be having sex next to my boyrfriend. I was advise by the pharmacist to take a pregnancy testing if my period have not come after being five days behind time already. Well, I bled for three days only two days after going on the pill.. This is weeks back my period be due however and I hear the pill causes this bleeding. Anyway, my spell would normally be due today so it's not unsettled yet or anything but I be just wondering if i'd still enjoy to take a pregnancy audition if my period is 5 days past due if I bled two days after taking the pill?... and if i still need to bring a preg test, isn't it potential that the morning after pill has thrown my cycle of track a bit and it be normal for it to come deferred?

Answers:    go to the doctor and purely have a blood check, that is 100%, it will enlighten u if your pregnant if u just get pregnant a couple of days before not close to the pregnancy test from the shops. afterwards u can stop stressing as it 100%
no no no You still should take the pregnancy audition if your period ends up mortal late. it's possible that the MOP have thrown your cycle off a bit, but transport the test anyway to be indisputable that's all it is.

Remember the MOP does not create a fertilized egg to be aborted, nor does it make happen a fertilized egg to fail to implantation. If you ovulated when the condom broke, and if your egg was fertilized, you will still bring back pregnant. All the MOP does is make your body not ovulate. If you ovulated closer in the daytime before you have sex, there is nil the MOP can do for you. So take that pregnancy trial!!
Wait. If it doesn't come take a pregnacy trial and see what it says. That article messes your system and if you are stressing about it thats probably why you are deferred. You are probably okay but take one wait and if it still doesn't come appropriate another one or go to the doctor. Good Luck.

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