Girls label fun of me explanation im to skinny (no boobs, not butt either)?

okay so this girl at school make fun of me all the time and shes my age (15) and she have little curves and a butt ... and the same size boobs.. wtf...but shes ALWAYS making fun of me, because im towering and TOO SKINNY ...compared to her .. im 5'6 and a bunch of other girls make fun of me too.. because im to skinny and hold no butt.
im 5'6, 104 pounds and have no * or boobs

i be okay with who i be before everyone started making fun of me.

it sucks ball.
i dont think i could ever gain lurk. i've tried so hard.

any guidance?

Answers:    Why the heck is it that so many relations think it's ok to criticize other people's bodies?! This seem to be most problematic in large school, when culture are still DEVELOPING, for goodness sake. I go thru the same article until I graduated from HS. "Too skinny", "flat chested", "no shape". GEEZ! Gimme a break! You're solely 15. Your body won't finish developing until you're 25. And some women continue develop even more as they acquire older. You may be an A-cup in a minute, and a D-cup at 35. Yes, it happens.

The girl who make fun of you is cruel and is not comfortable with her own body (or something else around herself). Whatever the reason, it is NOT ok for her to work out her problems at your expense. Tell her to work out her own self-esteem problems next to a good analyst.

In the meantime, take comfort of yourself as best as you can. Eat appropriate-sized, well-balanced meals and exercise to stay fit. Don't verbs about trying to gain counterweight because that's not going to happen until your body decide the time is right. (I used to eat and try to thieve a nap so I'd gain cargo. Didn't happen until years next, and now I enjoy to keep the substance OFF). Your metabolism is probably naturally giant, and you will grow to appreciate that as you get elder and your body matures. Trust me. Your body looks simply the way it is supposed to. I desire you could still be okay with yourself the style you are.

Those inconsiderate schoolmates need to preserve their uncalled-for comments about YOUR body to their insecure selves. While I won't suggest you dance around telling ethnic group their boobs are too big compared to their head, their quill is irreversibly whack, they walk similar to a duck, their teeth look like wooden peg, or their pecs need deeply of extra work... I sure wish I could next to good conscience :). But I can't. So...deplorably I must say that you will probably enjoy to let those asinine comments roll past its sell-by date as best as you can. Then, when you go to college, you will be considered "hot". Believe that.

Tall relatives ROCK, baby!
No solid advice for you, but I remember when I be that age, there be a chick that was skinnier than me.She ALWAYS made fun of me human being thin! I weigh more than her, and she constantly made comments about how high I was! I only chalk it up to the other person mortal insecure.

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