Does PMS if truth be told end in you to gain cargo?

My body doesnt feel as "tight" stomach is fatter. plain and simple --- is this PMS?? i own not changed my diet whatsoever recently, infact ive worked out.

freshly a little worried is adjectives.

Answers:    Technically, sort of. But it's not because you're "getting fatter". When you're premenstrual your body retains a lot more hose down, so you appear to gain weight. It adjectives goes away when your interval is over because your cells shed the excess marine and return to their normal moisture level. This is called individual bloated. Gas is also a common symptom of PMS, and may also be what's cause your stomach to look not so flat.
yes u get bloated
you wont take fat, but it can end in water retention and bloating.
thats why you dont touch tight.
also, if you give into cravings and start over intake at that time of the mnth, that will cause more blaoting and after may even cause a few pounds within gain :)
It may be due to the fact that you are aging or stress. yes...
Yes, I gain wet weight every month which sucks. But it comes past its sell-by date after my period. It is PMS

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