My doctor think that I hold PCOS. Anyone out within that can suggest a righteous diet and exercise plan?

My doctor is in the process of running test to determine if I have PCOS. At this point, I own a few more tests to do, but it is looking resembling PCOS. She has suggested that I see a nutritionist, but insurance won't foot for it. She said that I can just find a diet plan that works for me, but I am at a loss. There are so tons plans out there and I really inevitability some guidance. If anyone out there beside PCOS can suggest a helpful diet plan, it would really help out with my research!

Answers:    I enjoy PCOS so il try to help you.i dont follow a speciffic diet plan but i do find that putting on bulk makes pcos alot worse, which is a bugger coz if you dance on a contaceptive pill like dianette you put on bulk as a side effect thus making your PCOS worse. i would say try to loose immensity, cut out most fats, although you call for a little bit to be clean. I saw a dietician and mostly all she said be make 1/2 of you plate salad.1/4 protien.e.g. chicken and the other 1/4 carbs similar to potato or rice. i wouldnt bother seeing a dietician they just report to you common sense! as for excersise i enjoy found with pcos it is VERY sturdy to loose weight. try to meander alot of places maybe tie together a gym. There are loads of really good books , i enjoy read this one
there is also a "for dummies" book. i havent read it but they are usually upright. hope this helps.

There is the best proven nutrition

Eat single boiled food, fresh fruits, sprouted pulses, boiled meat, no deep fried food..Drink just fresh fruit juice..Avoid adjectives packed/tinned food, junk food, colas...

I guess doctor must hold told ou to see a nutritionist to reduce solidity..There is nothing better than yoga to curtail weight..Initially start next to pranayama, rhythmic breathing or alom vilom and see the difference..Yoga can tone up your metabolism and reduce your urge to overeat..Plus if you follow my reommended diet, devour as much as you can..

Hope this helps

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