Osteoporosis runs in my line. The doctor also said that whie females are more prone to this. Even though it is hereditary, will my inneracial daughter be smaller number likely to gain it since she is not all white?

Answers:    some race are more prone to osteoporosis than others.. but just because you're prone doesn't penny-pinching you are going to get it... consider it a rebel and a warning for you to prevent it from scheduled..

drinking milk (or calcium supplements) will help.. exercising will preserve your bones strong -- exercises that are more physically demanding help make the bone stronger (e.g.running over biking, basketball over swimming)

exposing your self to the sun (early morning sun -- till 9am for about 15 minutes) help .. vit.d and all that ...
amazingly interesting question i don't know the answer though i would assume she's smaller number likely to be effect don't take my word for it.

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