Birth Control?

i'm 20 yrs old and i've never taken birth control past. I just have a docters visit and he prescribed levora is this the best opportunity or are there better pills out in attendance. I was a moment ago interested in what my option are.

Answers:    Im 25 and I've taken birth control pills for about four years presently. For most of that time I was taking Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, next to no problem until about a year ago I begin getting my period irregularly and sometimes it last for several weeks. My doctor switched me to Seasonique and I was unbelievably excited about it because you solitary get your time 4 times a year. Every pack gives a day by day supply for 3 months and then you grasp your period.
Seasonique is supposed to own the side effect of breakthrough bleeding but that side effect diminishes the longer you take it. My first three months I be dissappointed because I ended up have my period for a month next to regulare to heavy bleeding the entire time. But I've gone through two more cycles since after and now my interval comes regularly at the end of 3 months and last for like 4 days.
So far I am terrifically pleased with Seasonique- afterall who wouldn't similar to to have smaller number to no periods but as another creature who answered this question stated the side effects are different for everyone.
Oh and Seasonique also help with acne
I've taken birth control pills for the recent past ten years. There are tons of brands out there and they adjectives work differently on different people. I hold never really had an adverse response to any. I only switched brands when my insurance company stopped covering it or something. If you touch that you are more moody, depressed, breaking out, or spotting continuously, etc. talk to your doctor. It might tight that this brand isn't the one for you and he can help perscribe something i.e. not known to casue those side effects. There are going to be side effects near any drug though. It will come down to how your body reacts to it. It's really going to be going on for trail and error unless you get lucky the first time around - which, most probable, is how it will go. Good luck!

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