Hey, I have unprotected sex on the 8th hours of daylight of my cycle. he ejaculate within me. what are the possibilities?

Answers:    your eggo is preggo. sorry girlfriend. your fault
the possibilities are you can go and get pregnant. Your possibility for pregnancy is pretty good. Sperm can stay alive for 48 hours inside your body.
depending on your cycle you could grasp pregnant. be more careful if your unsuspecting to have kids. Very polite. I have read that sperm can stay alive within you for up to 7 days, that puts you at day 15. Ovulation daytime is 14 or 15.
possibilities? you have to continue for nine months u will get answer Sperm can live at lowest possible 5 days. So- depending on when you ovulate, chances are clothed. Are you trying to get pregnant?

The 5 days item I know firsthand to be true, we weren't trying and thought we were surrounded by the safe time frame- he departed town the next year and three weeks later found out I be pregnant and wanted to know who I have been beside! I called my midwife crying because I have thought it was singular 3 days- and she said "nope, 5 days".

If you aren't trying to get pregnant, use a condom. If you are, do it again every other year for the next week.
There are just two possibilities:

1 - You are pregnant
2 - You are not pregnant

If you are not ready to be emotionally and financially responsible for another go, do not participate contained by unprotected sex.

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