Birth Control Question...?

I started birth control about 2 weeks ago but I have unprotected sex during the first week of starting the pill, this is the first time in years my breasts own been tender. Could I be pregnant or is it the birth control?.. (I enjoy 2 other children and before I found out I be pregnant with them my breasts be also tender)

Answers:    It could definitely be the birth control, but the first week you start the pill isn't 100% past the worst either, some doctors utter it's ok, some say you should loaf 1 month to be safe because everyone's body react on a different time scale. It could shift either method.. only path to find out is a blood test contained by your instance since you're on the pill a home test might come final a false negative.

Good luck!
You could possible be, but my breasts be always tender previously my period on birth control pills. You will probably in recent times have to linger to see if your period comes when it is supposed to. It could be any. It usually takes at most minuscule a full week for the pill to become effective.
Could be both:

both the bc doesn't protect you until aftre a month of the meds are surrounded by your system
It takes 3 months for the pill to be at its full potential. You could definatly be pregnant.

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