Birth Control and Severe Blood Clots... any truth?

I recieved an email yesterday warning me something like the birth control pills that allow women to have a min of 3 menstrual cycles a year. The email go on to state that this particular form of birth control made a women enjoy multiple blood clots in her brain and pave the way and she later died. I be warned to never use this form of birth control and it is extremely treacherous. Is this true?

Answers:    Absolutely. Blood clots are a risk associated with that type of b/c. That does not aim you should not take it or that it isn't right for you, that's something you should discuss beside your doctor.

But if you think give or take a few it logically, it's really not natural to one and only have your term 4 times a year.
well adjectives birth control has a risk of blood clots. you should verbalize to your dr about this if it is a concern. I cant filch them either. and bout 3 other women I know hold the same problem. yep
adjectives birth control pills have that risk. It doesn't turn up or down with those types.

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