Heavy bleeding after Ectopic Pregnancy treatmemt?

One week ago I had laproscopy to remove an ectopic pregnancy and they be able to hide away the fallopian tube. I also had a methrotrexate shot as resourcefully. I started bleeding quite heavily next to some clots 2 days ago. Is this normal? Also is this considered my length or is this just bleeding due to the pregnancy culmination?
I just consistency very worn out, headachy, crampy and simply generally unpromising.
The doctor said they do not need to see me a week from Monday so 10 days from immediately... should i be concerned?

Answers:    As long as you are not soaking a pad or a tampon within less than an hour, after it is not too much bleeding. I would expect you to have brawny bleeding after an ectopic pregnancy termination as you would with a uterine miscarriage, b/c your body know you were pregnant, so it built up the uterine inside layer to support the pregnancy, despite the fact that it terminated up in your tube. So you still own a full lining to shed. I would also expect you to perceive tired not only from the bleeding but b/c of the medication you took which is also used surrounded by cancer patients.

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