Epilepsy and Birth Control: Mirena?

I need abet finding a birth control. I am epileptic so birth control pills won't work for me. I do not want to try the patch, ring, etc as I've heard nil but horror stories and they will interact with my medication. I didn't hold sex until I got married. Before I get married I got the copper IUD within as a form of BC. My periods started becoming heavier and more hurting, as was expected. Then, after I get married and started having sex near my husband, we found out he had passed genital herpes to me. (He didn't know he have it, he's never had an outbreak) I've hear STD's can be a major problem beside IUDS because you're more at-risk for infections. This has proved to be true, because I get hold of a yeast infection about every month. Over yesteryear three months my periods hold become so heavy and painfull I have to go to the ER and achieve a pain pill prescription. My gynocoligist is not helping me. I'm trying to find a latest one but I need serve. Continued in subsequent post.

Answers:    I have epilepsy, and I have a Mirena for a year. I liked it at first. My period were lighter, and six weeks apart. I have it removed when it gave me a pelvic infection, though.

I'm not sure if you could gain a different IUD when you already have herpes. I tried looking for information in the order of that, but didn't see any. Herpes doesn't seem to be tabled as a contraindication for the Mirena, though.

The Mirena can cause mass gain, lower libido, mood changes, and benign cysts, but it might also receive rid of your period altogether. You won't know roughly its effect on you unless you get one. If you win one and can't stand it, having it removed is usually an confident process.

"About 10% (1 out of 10) of women using MIRENA(R) will have a cyst on the ovary. These cysts usually disappear on their own contained by a month or two. However, cysts can cause backache and sometimes cysts will need surgery."
-- http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/mirena...

Before I go on Lamictal, I was on Yasmin. When I get up to my maintenance dose of the antiepileptic, though, I started have hot flashes. Not fun! I hear you about mortal frustrated by how antiseizure medicines and chemical birth control aren't a great combination. Some women can rob a pill with a dose of at most minuscule 50 mcg of estrogen, and find a combination of that and their epilepsy medication(s) that works well for them. It can whip some time and guesswork, though.

My husband got a vasectomy just about a month ago. It's been a big counterweight off my shoulders. I've agreed for a long time I didn't want kids, and he didn't envision himself as a father, either.

If I be you, I'd have the ParaGard removed. You shouldn't hold to go to the ER because of your birth control.

From where on earth I sit, you've got several option. You could try using condoms and foam spermicide, or a diaphragm and spermicide (this is a little smaller amount effective). Or you or your husband could have surgery, if you don't want kids within the future.

Try posting your cross-examine on this website:
http://managingcontraception.com/ (Click on the Q&A link.) The doctor who answers question on it is quite learned, and may have a solution for you.

Good luck beside finding a gynecologist who'll work with you. A lot of them don't know almost epilepsy or birth control for women with epilepsy. I wonder if your neurologist might be capable of recommend someone for you.

You'll be in my thoughts.

P.S.: Make sure you're getting regular pap smears.

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