What reason besides pregnancy and stress could wreak one's term to be constantly really unsettled?

This is the 3rd time since July of last year that my spell has be over a month late? I preserve taking pregnancy tests but they're adjectives negative. What else could be cause such a late length?

Answers:    There are a few things that could cause "late" period.
(sorry if I may be repeating what others have answered)
1) When a girl starts to menstruate for the first time, it may help yourself to up to a year before it become "regular" and that may not mean 28 days. Some women are regular near 3 months intervals between periods. This can start again when beginning or going rotten hormonal contraceptives, or certain medication may interfere with the menstrual cycle, inquire beside your MD or pharmacist if you are taking any meds..
2) Not only prescription drugs, but recreational (street) drugs can affect your cycle.
3) You may be with ease irregular.
4) weight loss, diteting or fine-tuning in your diet (eg becoming a vegetarian), stress, change in your personal enthusiasm, exercise, being too meagre (under 100lbs will cause cycles to cease).
5) Medical conditions: resembling diarrhea and vomitting, anorexia or bulimia, autoimmune diseases. Hormonal imbalance (if you are still growing or in recent times had menarche or other, such as thyroid imbalance), polycystic ovarian syndrome, anemia (low iron)

What you may want to do:
Eat capably, plenty of fruits and veggies, lots of water, exercise inside reasonable ends. Talk to your doctor to rule out other possibilities. Your doctor will be able to wish if it would be beneficial for you to be on birth control to be "regular". Use some method of contraception unless your trying to become pregnant. Good luck =0)
if u just did "it" it will be similar to that for a year. If you are very athletic, that can raison d`¨ētre a girl's period to be slowly. There is also a condition that causes a term to be incredibly irregular. Your best bet is to go have a word to your doctor. They can put you on BC, which will regulate your period so it happen at the same time every month.

I'm not sure what the user formerly me means unless she is insinuating that you are pregnant, but have sex should not cause your time of year to be chronically late.
hormone imbalnce
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Diet and exercise Hi, I have the same problem. There are deeply of factors approaching; change of diet, exercising greatly more than normal or exceedingly hard, bad health, weight loss or gain.

Also, depending on your age, it could be your cycle regulating itself. If you are concerned settle to your doctor, maybe go and get on birth control to help regulate it.

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