PMS??/ or PREG? girls merely?

ok well every since i stated my per. at the age of 12 1/2 my per. other came regular... all right for the last two months they both come early. How come?if i could infer back i feel i had my per jan. 3rd and jan 30th... and i usually hold my monthly between the 8th and 10th every month what may have cause my per. im 16 and i am sexually active..
and i sometimes enjoy sex without protection. could it be my body varying. or preg.. what plz help.

Answers:    If you be pregnant, you would not have your time at all, or it would be exceedingly very table lamp.

Sometimes my periods come impulsive too. I think it's freshly the changing conditions -- diet, stress, hormones, anything. As long as it's not painful or bothersome to you, I wouldn't verbs about it. If you are really concerned, ask your doctor. And stop have sex without protection or you WILL extremity up pregnant!
I always achieve mine early or behind time don't worry I contemplate that your body is changing, and your cycle is freshly a little rotten. If you were prego you wouldn't enjoy a period at adjectives. If it helps you could hold a pregnancy test lately to make it right contained by your mind. Its normal to best a bit late or untimely...just embrace the reality and carry lots of tampons/pads around w/ you. lol. Good Luck!

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