Breast Implants. Price check.?

Okay, this is simply a question roughly price. Not about the silicone/saline implant, or what effects they have, or sizes or anything approaching that. I've seen my honourable share of Dr. 90210 (rolls eyes) and the such. I've taken anatomy classes a few times, and I know a lot of women that want to catch them. The only put somebody through the mill I have much do they cost? They never have a chat about that on the TV shows, or surrounded by anatomy. Why would they? Anyway, does it cost more depending on the size of the person or the push in? Do doctors charge differently just because they can? Is near a range, an average of what an surround costs? I don't know anyone who has gotten them, so I can't ask them.

Answers:    approx. $4,000-$5,000
See if you can take a two for one deal,, might as all right get them both done at same time. I won't do the work for you, but if you use any scour engine whether it is or, type in "breast implants" and see what comes up. Lots of sites to check out. Maybe you will find what you want there.

I am an RN
Hello!! I've have consultations to get implant and yes the price varies! the average is 4,000. And to be exact for implants alone. I am going to procure a lift, plus implant eventually and the life is also 4,000. One doc I saw said he'd do both for me for 6,000. So the price seem to vary according to doctors. I've not found any price diff within size. but on average you're looking at 4 grand! It really depends on your city, state, doctor etc. You be talking in the order of Dr. 90210 the "famous surgeons" they probably charge anywhere from $10-15,000. Now; where on earth I live, you could get breast inplants beside ranges from $2-6,000; though i wouldnt reccoment a breast inplant surgury for 2 grand! Also, the slip itself could affect the cost, size/saline or silicone/etc. Hope this helps..
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Hope this help.

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