How long does it pinch for the Birth Control pill to in fact be effective/ start working?

I just started taking the Birth Control pill a week ago. Does it start working fast or does it need time to carry into my system? Of coarse, the only channel to not get pregnant is too not own sex at all but If I hold sex will the pill work although i only enjoy been taking a week.?

Answers:    When I started taking the pill I remember my doctor unfolding me to be extra careful for the first month...
The doctor told me that the pill really starts working surrounded by 7 days. But you should be cautious and perchance use some other protection the first month/3weeks. At least use foam, or better a condom to be extra out of danger. i have have a doctor tell me 2 weeks and i hold had a doctor detail me 1 i would definitely offer it at least 2 weeks back you had sex unprotected..

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