Pregnancy mistaken for a cyst?

I'm in a extremely wierd situation right now and cant see my doc again until Tuesday. I ws 6 weeks pregnant on Dec. 6 when I started bleeding heavily. I immediately know that it was a misscarriage, but because my HCG level never fluctuated my doctor could not confirm until Dec. 24 from ultrasound results. At the time of the U.S the doc found what she claims was a cyst. Last week I found out I am pregnant again, and would entail immediate ultra nouns to ensure the "cyst" wasnt going to cause a problem. Well I have my ultrasound yesterday, and they found NO cyst and dated me at 9.5 weeks, wich means I would own been preggers at the first US is it possible they mistook my babe for a cyst?

Answers:    A gestational sac and an ovarian cyst are similar appearing structures.both black and rounded. BUT, they are located in different areas. A gestational sac is in the uterus (or should be for a normal pregnancy) and an ovarian cyst is outside of the uterus, on the ovary. I am not sure how anybody, who is familar beside female anatomy, could verbs the two.

The cyst seen at your 12-24 ultrasound be probably a corpus luteum cyst, which makes progesterone. This prepares your body for pregnancy, should the sperm touch the egg and a baby is conceived. These cysts are present back pregnancy and remain in hasty pregnancy. So, you were any very precipitate into pregnancy at that scan or about to bring back pregnant. At 9.5 weeks, we would expect the corpus luteum to be gone. Best wishes with your pregnancy!
The definition of cyst is a fluid jam-packed sac.
Pregnancy also consist of a fluid filled sac...
Might own been in recent times very untimely pregnancy, when no heartbeat can be detected.

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