Never have an Orgasm?

I've had sex at smallest twenty times with my boyfriend, but enjoy never had an orgasm. I be really close onve, my hands go numb and I actually couldn't move my fingers, and it feel great, but I've never orgasmed. It's not my boyriend, trust me. He wae well endowed, and give great head, and the sex is great. Is this everyday? I also have what seem to be an extremly sensitive clit, almost painful at times. I don't know.

Answers:    could newly be sensory overload. My husband sometimes gets a short time too excited and when he eats me out, it's more stinging than sexy because I'm just too sensitive. My best counsel is to masturbate. You can't expect someone else to give you an orgasm. It's your position to know your own body. You need to swot how your body reacts to different sensations and what you inevitability to do to acheive an orgasm. So grab a vibe and relax. Don't force it and only just keep relating yourself that what you're feeling is inbred.

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